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Pest Control Services and Solutions

Our pest control service technicians are all certified by NEA Singapore and we are confident to resolve any of your pest problems with their experiences. Leave your pest problems to us and we will eradicate anything that crawl or fly which is a nuisance to you!

Our Pest Control Services Includes

  • Termites solutions (Pre/Post Construction soil treatment)
  • Eradication of Cockroaches, Ants, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Houseflies
  • Eradication of Bedbugs, Dog ticks, Cat Fleas, Booklice
  • Snakes, Bees and Hornets Removal
  • HACCP, GMP/GDP Requirements for food manufacturers, distributors

Our Integrated Pest Control Management program involves 4 steps to maximize effectiveness in our treatments for your pest problems.

Step 1 – Inspection/detection and eradication

This will involve inspection and detection for any source and breeding ground of the pest we are dealing with. A good way to eradicate the pest problem is to locate their nest or home and destroy it with the help of NEA approved pesticides. All our pesticides are safe for application at homes, industries and any other places.

Step 2 – Determine type of pesticides application at strategic location

This will involve residual spraying of pesticides or placing of baits to eradicate and prevent future breeding of pest. The type of pesticides involve depends on what type of pest we are dealing with and we will implement whichever method works well for you.

Step3 – Follow up

By following up on your pest problems, we will then be able to know whether the infestation are under control. We will conduct a follow up on our treatment to check for effectiveness.

Step 4 – Housekeeping & preventive advice

Pests are able to breed and survive within your premise mainly because the 3 main survival needs food, water and shelter are presence. It will be good to understand what their habits and by removing their source of food, water and shelter, we will then be able to achieve a pest free environment.

Pest Control Singapore