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Nemesis Termite Baiting System.


Nemesis Termite Baiting System.

Nemesis, an Australian invented termite baiting system, designed to manage termite colonies in an environmental friendly way.

The termite baits are made of highly attractive wood cellulose with chlorfluazuron (Insect Growth Regulator) which affects the colony through its biology behaviours.

It will be installed to feed on active termites and share the baits with the entire colony. The colony collapse when the queen dies of starvation.

The System uses a number of above ground bait station and in ground stations to manage the colony.
Termite colony management using Nemesis termite baiting system.

Inspection and Installation

Our termite specialist will carry out a detailed inspection in your premise and locate the area with termite infestation using the latest technology in termites detection (Termatrac T3i). Once the infested area is located, our specialist will install the above ground bait matrix. The worker termites will feed on it and share them with the entire colony.

The above ground bait matrix will be monitored for its feeding activities, and refill the bait if necessary. This ensures the entire colony has consumed the bait through its food sharing behaviour (Trophallaxis). Throughout the entire process, the colony will appear to be feeding aggressively, but towards the end, the colony will be left with a few weaker termites.
Colony management

Colony management is achieved when the above-ground station shows no sign of feeding activity. After the termites consumed the bait, their ability to grow and develop is affected greatly and the queen will reduce its ability to reproduce. The colony consequently loses whole generations of replacement members; it progressively declines and inevitably collapses. The effects of the Nemesis bait are visible and can be tracked. This means that the colony management can be reliably determined.
Continuous Monitoring

The system will give you a peace of mind as the Nemesis in-ground monitoring stations will be installed around your property (when applicable), and serve as the first line of defence towards termites attacking your property. Our specialists will monitor the in-ground stations and your property. A bait matrix would be added, should there be any early signs of a new termite colony presence.
Advantages of using Nemesis termite baiting system
  • No in-house drilling and injection of chemicals
  • Avoid the use of hundreds of litres of liquid termiticide solution in the soil.
  • Protect the value of the property
  • Eradication of any existing termite colony
  • Detects and managing new colonies through continuous monitoring and baiting (when necessary)
  • Safe for the environment
  • Bait matrix is used only when termites are detected
  • Active ingredient does not leech or move in the soil, as the bait does not come in contact with soil