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Xterm, a termite baiting system by SUMITOMO CHEMICAL, designed to manage termite colonies in an environmental friendly way. The bait matrix is made of specially selected compressed cellulose. The active ingredient is a highly active, new generation of Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that affects the moulting process of termites. It is virtually harmless to vertebrates.

Termite baiting system capitalizes on the natural behaviour of termites. As social insects, termites share their food in a process known as trophallaxis. This trait allows slow acting toxicants to be transferred through the colony. It is important that the action of the toxicant is slow enough to allow the termites to feed, travel back to their nest, and share before taking effect.
Revolutionary Termite Baiting Technology (Advantages)
  • Faster action
  • Fuss-free installation
  • Protect the value of the property
  • No drilling/ pumping of chemicals in the home
  • Detects and managing new colonies
  • Safe for environment
  • Unobtrusive bait station design
  • Unique, highly attractive compressed cellulose formulation